Car Park / Deck Polyurethane Coating Systems

Description: CLEAN DEK range of antiskid, washable, polyurethane flooring for car park deck areas available in various decorative colours.

With the mushrooming of real estate developments such as malls, multiplexes, commercial offices etc. providing safe Multi Storey Car Parks in the basements / intermediate & top decks of the building. Since, the structure is very expensive, it has become necessary to provide durable aesthetically pleasing and safe car park deck coatings in these MSCPs. These deck coatings are vital to the long term performance of the car parks. Issued that are likely to be encountered are:

Generally, polyurethane deck coatings are preferred, even though some clients go for epoxy based systems (due to economics) for basement / intermediate decks and PU base systems for top decks.

  • Self smoothening glossy finish
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate
  • Impervious to oil, grease & other liquids
  • Provides a safe, slip-resistant finish / good abrasion resistance characteristics
  • Light weight compared to many alternatives
  • Easy to clean, water wash and maintain
  • UV resistant finish for exposed decks
  • Economical solution as a relay over old epoxy floors
  • Ideal for internal and external

Areas of Applications

CLEANDEK Car Park coatings are used in the following with purpose-developed specifications and system designs :
  • Basement Decks, Immediate Decks, Top Decks (Exposed), Ramps, Line Marking