Conproof IA

Conproof IA (Bipolar Concrete Penetrating Corrosion Inhibition Admixtures)
Description: Clean Coats have successfully developed Bipolar Corrosion Inhibitor mainly for Offshore, Refinery, Power Plant and other concrete structures applications.  Bipolar CONPROOF IA retard the corrosion process both at anode and cathode formed on the steel reinforcement.  They combine the benefits of both anodic and cathodic inhibitor at low dosages.
Clean Coats have developed BIPOLAR CORROSION PENETRATING CORROSION INHIBITING ADMIXTURES – CONPROOF IA after prolonged research and they have been successfully tested for both – long term and short term test results.
This also meets EIL Specifications No.6987-000-16-48-4201.  CONPROOF IA is a modified liquid admixture to prevent corrosion anodically and cathodically for steel reinforcement bars embedded in concrete in high chloride and certain chemical environments.  It upon addition in to the concrete mix inhibits the corrosion process due to bipolar mechanism of the system.

  • Delays the onset of corrosion
  • Acts as corrosion protection for embedded steel
  • Protects concrete from destructive influences of corrosion
  • Does not negatively affect the properties of fresh or hardened concrete
  • Extends the service life of structures
  • Non toxic and environment friendly

Areas of Application
  • Protects from chloride induced corrosion in Marine structures, concrete roads, bridges, tunnels, retaining walls, industrial Plants, buildings, etc.