Thermal Insulation Coating


Thermal Insulation Coating for Roofs and Walls

INSUKOTE is a water based high performance flexible acrylic coating designed to provide thermal insulation to roof tops and as well as walls. These coatings remain unaffected by nearly all types of climates with extreme levels of UV light and effectively reflects solar heat which results in reduction of heat penetration into the inside surface. It also provides long term waterproofing and weatherproofing properties over a wide range of roofing substrate.

  • Ultraviolet Resistance : No effect on colour after 4000 hrs accelerated weathering
  • Long Term Flexibility : Advanced elastic acrylic polymers remain permanently flexible upon extended exterior exposure
  • Water Based : No V.O.C. Environment friendly.
  • High Film Build : High volume solids allows high build coating
  • Reduced Energy Costs : Excellent reflection of heats ultimate results to low consumption of power
  • Easy Application : Single component – water based resulting easy application and cleaning of tools
  • Ideal coating for roof tops and walls
  • Roof, Metallic roof structures,  terrace & external walls (heat protection)