Water Based Hygienic PU Wall Coatings


CLEANTECH WPUC is single component water based hygienic

CLEAN TECH WPUC is single component water based aliphatic polyurethane coating with increased PU content and semi-gloss as compared to other single component PU based coatings which are near to no-gloss finish. It is free from solvent fumes, antifungal, antibacterial properties. It is an ideal, protective coating designed to resist UV and weather.


Polyurethane water based two component coating WALL TECH 2kWPU

Wall Tech 2KWPU is a two-component water based polyurethane coating based on complex blend of water borne polyol and urethane polymers. It is a high performance coating designed to be used on internal and external surfaces especially as wall coating to provide outstanding weather, chemical and abrasion resistant coating along with excellent gloss, colour stability and graffiti resistance. It also resists the growth of micro organism and fungus for long term service.